Ginka Toegel

Professeur of Leadership, IMD

A must-read

This is a truly exceptional book with a unique way of presenting the most widely-used psychometric instruments.

The “Circuit Map” represents an incredibly creative organizing principle of mapping the psychometric field. It is a fascinating picture of how different tests are positioned in relation to each other and how they can be applied for different purposes – from diagnosing personality traits and types to values, organizational culture and derailment. The simplicity and brilliance of the framework opens a new ground for insights.

The book is a powerful resource for practitioners and academics alike helping them to make the most informed decisions about the suitability of a diagnostic instrument. This is a must-read.


Rhonda Bernard

Director of Learning & Talent Management EMEA, Estée Lauder

This is just the book I have been waiting for!

“Reveal your talents” is the book that I have been waiting for! As a professional in learning and development, I regularly use psychometric tests, but because of the number and complexity of the tests that are now on the market, I find that I use the same ones over and over again, even when I am not convinced I am using the right instrument for the identified audience and objectives, because the array is simply too complex and confusing.

With this book, the authors have done all the work for you. They have conveniently mapped out over 40 available instruments on what they are supposed to measure. Once you decide what you would like to measure, there is a complete section that gives you all the information you need on the instrument, including what it measures, its ideal population and what circumstances are best for the instrument, etc. What I especially liked about this section is that the authors provided feedback from other practitioners who gave both the positive and negative aspects of the instrument. All of this permits you to make a much more informed choice before you waste valuable time, resources and money investing in an instrument that simply will not deliver what you need it to deliver.

I highly recommend this book to anybody or any organization that is working in the field of talent management, people development or organization development.


Emmanuel Dulac

Senior Vice President Rare Diseases Unit, Shire Pharmaceuticals

A book for all that allows us to discover the wide range of tools available in the market

For companies in many sectors, the race for recruitment and talent development remain a preoccupation. In a time of recession, you have even less margin for error than before.

This book is designed for everybody concerned. It helps us to understand the tools available on the market that can help corporations in their talent selection, evaluation and development.

The positioning of the tools in their historical context, and the way they are mapped out means we can better understand them and appreciate their utility.


Michel Moral

Executive and Team Coach, Coach Supervisor, SOMICA

An excellent book

Being the author of several books on tools for development professionals (coaches, HRDs, consultants, trainers), I have to say that I much liked this one.

What I appreciate in particular is the homogenous structure providing an overview of all aspects for each tool, according to the same framework, especially its genesis and users’ comments. All the necessary details are made available to make a decision. I also liked the unrestricted use of colors to illustrate each tool.

The users’ comments are really useful to make our choice as they offer real examples of how the tools are utilized.Of course, each tool has to be used in a given context (coaching, consulting, etc.) and other books which are application oriented remain interesting.

All in all, this is an excellent book.


Jérôme Boujol

Trainer, coach and consultant, moderator of the LinkedIn “Psychometric Tools” group

Keep this by your bedside!

I recently discovered “Reveal your talents”. I dug right in, with great passion, and in this book I found all kinds of things that complement my natural tendencies (which have been borne out by the numerous psychometric tools that I have tested): very innovative, a professional approach and great respect for the human side.

I recommend you to buy “Reveal your talents”. I have no doubt that this will become one of your bedside table books!


Claire Lyell

Founder, Culture Pearl

Attractive, easy-to-use, full of well-designed information and opinion

This book is a great innovation and hugely welcome! There is no comparably complete catalogue available elsewhere on the subject. Psychometric tools are widespread in the workplace, but not generally sufficiently well understood.

The authors have found a simple, but original, cliché-free approach, which holds up well, right to the end. This is a book that is as enjoyable to read in a single sitting as it is to leaf through in search of a particular aspect.

Thank you! When is it coming out in English?